The Skilled Business Analyst Knowledge Triangle

Business Analysts are operating in rapidly changing times – new technologies, new ways of working and the current pandemic are some of the drivers of change. In light of this, its important for Business Analysts to remain up to date and constantly improve their skillset. The Skilled Business Analyst has put a framework together that illustrates what actions Business Analysts can take to become better at their craft. We have termed this framework – The Skilled Business Analyst Knowledge Triangle. This knowledge triangle represents how BAs can continuously upskill themselves either before or after certifications have been achieved!

1. Stay up to date with industry trends and Business Analysis best practices
In order to remain relevant and improve your skillset its important to stay up to date with latest BA practices. There are many blogs which are resource intensive offering webinars, templates, articles, white papers and online conferences. The popular ones are and There are other websites which I have gained immense value from such as I also encourage BAs to get involved with their local IIBA chapter as these chapters drive knowledge sharing sessions, professional development days, workshops, talks and BABOK study groups.

2. Connect and network with Business Analysis thought leaders
Following thought leaders on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram enable you to keep up to date with best practices and industry trends. I always stress that if you want to connect with thought leaders on LinkedIn, its important to know that it is a professional platform, therefore instead of just sending a connection request – also attach a quick note introducing yourself. Many of these thought leaders have websites where you can join their mailing list and thought leader content is delivered directly to your inbox! Don’t forget to join The Skilled Business Analyst mailing list.

3. Actively seek out coaching and mentorship opportunities that can benefit your career.
This particular one is close to my heart! I believe that having a mentor is so important not only for your professional career but your personal development. Identify a mentor that you would like and actively pursue them. There are also professional organisations that help link up individuals with mentors. A coach on the other hand can work closely with you on specific development areas. A good coach will first do an assessment in the particular area you want to develop and then lay out a plan to help you achieve your objectives.

The Skilled Business Analysis knowledge triangle should be referenced time and again by Business Analysts. As a Business Analyst, the learning never stops! We are after all life-long learners!!

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