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The Skilled Business Analyst Knowledge Triangle

Business Analysts are operating in rapidly changing times – new technologies, new ways of working and the current pandemic are some of the drivers of change. In light of this, its important for Business Analysts to remain up to date and constantly improve their skillset. The Skilled Business Analyst has put a framework together that illustrates what actions Business Analysts…

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Why must I certify?

This is the most common question that I receive from Business Analysts who have been in the profession for some time or who want to enter the profession. There are many benefits to certification. In this post I will explain the key benefits for being certified. 1. Become a globally recognized Business Analyst By certifying you are proving to your…

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The FEARLESS Business Analyst Part 2

Continuing on from The Fearless Business Analyst Part 1: In our last post we went through the first four qualities that make a FEARLESS Business Analyst F – Focus on value E – Empower yourself A – Adopt Agility R – Recognise opportunities In this second post we will go through the remaining 4 qualities: (5) L – Lead through…

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