Building your Business Analysis Brand

Building your brand as a Business Analyst is critical. As BA’s we are meant to be Trusted Advisors in our organizations. How do you build your brand as a Business Analyst? The Skilled BA presents 6 tips on building your BA Brand in your organization.

Deliver on what you promise.

Do more than talk; act. Do more than just promise; deliver.

As BAs we are inundated with requests and project deliverables. Its important to plan and prioritize your work so you know what you can realistically promise to deliver. By delivering on your promises, you gain trust and respect of your stakeholders.


Remain consistent.

Consistency is key to developing trust with your stakeholders.

When your stakeholders think of you as a BA what do they think? Value creator? Problem solver? Innovator? Change Agent? Facilitator? Think of yourself as a walking brand? What do you want to be known for?


Be authentic.

The core of authenticity is the courage to be imperfect, vulnerable, and to set boundaries.

Authenticity means you are honest with yourself and with others, and you take responsibility for your mistakes. By being authentic you gain trust and respect from your stakeholders. You are also more confident as you are self-aware.


Focus on value always.

Organizations are looking for value creators.

Value is best achieved when three core elements intersect:

Viability – how much will it cost to build and how much revenue can it provide?

Feasibility – is the product technically feasible to build?

Desirability – will our customers want the product, and does it solve a problem for them?


Foster stakeholder relationships.

Stakeholder engagement is a never-ending process. We must continually earn stakeholders’ confidence. It is a relationship.

Business Analysts are responsible for identifying organizational problems, identifying any opportunities and needs. In order to do this, BAs work with stakeholders to elicit requirements and understand problems. Bas therefore need to have good relationships with stakeholders and become Trusted Advisors.


Be passionate.

The people who are the best at what they do truly live and breathe their own brand. They have passion, consistency in character and direction.

Your energy and passion as a Business Analyst should be evident not only to your team but to your stakeholders. Passion will naturally attract respect, value and above all trust.


In closing, building your BA brand requires focus and always reflecting on how to continue to improve yourself. Contact The Skilled Business Analyst to find out how we can help take your BA brand and career to the next level.


Yours in Analysis


BA Trainer / Instructor

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