Four habits Business Analysts must leave behind as we enter into 2024

As we start 2024, what habits do we, as Business Analysts, want to leave behind to make room for new and better habits? The Skilled Business Analyst puts forward four habits that BAs need to leave behind in 2023!

Not planning Business Analysis work
Imagine starting a road trip without a plan – you might get lost, face delays, and not reach your destination smoothly. Similarly, for Business Analysts, not planning your work can lead to missed deadlines, missed stakeholders, and missed requirements. Planning is like a roadmap, helping you get through analysis and requirements with the right stakeholders. So, in 2024, leave the habit of not planning and start charting a clear course for your work!

Losing track of the bigger picture
At times, BAs get involved in a lot of detail, and they tend to miss the bigger picture. How do BAs achieve the balance of getting involved in just enough detail and still keep sight of the overall picture? Always focus on the value of the feature you are working on – take a step back and reflect on the reasons why you are working on a particular feature. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, and this will help ensure you have sight of the overall picture.

Overlooking assumptions, dependencies, and constraints
Overlooking assumptions, dependencies, and constraints can lead to various mistakes. For example, ignoring dependencies might cause delays when integrating different systems. Neglecting constraints, such as budget limitations, could lead to unrealistic expectations or unattainable goals. Addressing these factors is important to avoid missteps and ensure that your analysis is grounded in accurate, feasible, and reliable information.

Not actively seeking out customer feedback
Failing to seek feedback actively means missing out on valuable insights that could drive improvements, innovation, and customer satisfaction. In 2024, Business Analysts should make it a priority to engage with customers, whether through surveys, interviews, or other feedback mechanisms. This proactive approach not only ensures that projects align with customer expectations but also establishes a customer-centric mindset. This helps foster stronger relationships with customers and promotes continuous improvement in business processes and solutions.

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