Reflections on 2022 from a Business Analyst desk

Its that time of the year again where we get to pause, reflect and look back on 2022!  In this article, The Skilled Business Analyst presents 5 key trends that have shaped the Business Analysis profession in 2022.

Trend # 1 – Business Analysts growing into Product Owner roles

There is an increasing number of Business Analysts moving into Product Owner roles. In fact, 33% of Business Analysts are already functioning as Product Owners (Source: IIBA). There is now a shift from project to product. What does this imply for Business Analysts?

  • Customers remain at the center of any given initiative
  • Concept of value is top priority
  • Frequent delivery is best to meet customer demands

Trend # 2 – Increase in entry level Business Analysts

As of November 30th 2022, there were 8,405 ECBA recipients worldwide (Source: IIBA certification registry). As the digital economy expands, there is a demand for professionals who can help drive business change. Business Analysis is a vital skillset to enable change. What does this mean for professionals who want to enter the Business Analysis space?:

  • Its not about the role / title you have held in the past – its about the underlying skills and competencies that align with Business Analysis which can help you break into the BA profession.
  • Keep a portfolio of projects worked on, skills learnt and applied as this will help you tailor your resume
  • Engage Business Analysis experts such as The Skilled Business Analyst to discuss a strategy for entering the Business Analysis space

Trend # 3 – Shift towards independent contracting and consulting roles 

Organisations are looking for Business Analysis professionals who can come in, quickly learn, add value, deliver and make an impact. There is an increase in the number of Business Analysts employed as independent contractors or consultants. This means BAs need to harness the following skills:

  • Ability to quickly learn new concepts, tools and business language
  • Adaptability, agility and flexibility are key skills to being successful in these roles
  • Relationship building skills are vital for stakeholder engagement

Trend # 4 – Business Analysis transferable skills remain key

Transferable skills give Business Analysts the unique ability to work across different industries. Interesting to note is that BAs have most of the skills listed by World Economic Forum – What are the top 10 job skills for the future? | World Economic Forum (

Business Analysts need to ensure they are constantly refining their transferable skills in particular:

  • Problem solving
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical thinking skills

For more information on these skills read – Business Analysis Competencies – Analytical and Problem solving skills – Skilled Business Analyst (

Trend  # 5 – CBAP remains a key asset

Business Analysts who hold the CBAP certification earn 26% more than those who are not certified (Source: IIBA)! If you are a senior Business Analyst and are thinking of certifying in 2023 here are some brief guidelines..

  • Work with an Endorsed Education provider to get your Professional Development hours. The Skilled Business Analyst is an Endorsed Education Provider.
  • Start compiling your portfolio of work experience as you will need the details for your application.

The Skilled Business Analyst would like to wish you all happy holidays! Thank you for your engagement and see you in 2023!

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