Business Analysis Competencies – Analytical and Problem solving skills

Competencies are related abilities, knowledge and skills that enable a person to act effectively in their profession. The BABOK lists 6 key competencies for Business Analysts! Each of these competencies have underlying set of behaviours, characteristics and qualities. In this post we will take a close look at the Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving competencies.

Analytical Thinking and Problem solving skills help a Business Analyst to:

  • Analyze problems and opportunities effectively
  • Identify changes that deliver maximum value
  • Associate with stakeholders to understand impact of changes

The below skills are grouped as part of the Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Competency. Achieving the right balance of the below skills will enable a Business Analyst to excel in their role:

  • Creative Thinking skills –  helps BAs to think creatively to come up with new ideas, approaches, alternatives to problems.
  • Decision Making skills – helps BAs to choose the most appropriate solution based on analysis of relevant information.
  • Learning skills – helps BAs to quickly learn new and different types of information.
  • Problem Solving skills – helps BAs to understand the root cause of a problem and the solutions that address it.
  • Systems Thinking skills – helps BAs to understand the enterprise from a holistic view by learning how people, process and technology interact.
  • Conceptual Thinking skills – helps BAs to link disparate information and fit this information into a larger context.
  • Visual Thinking skills – helps BAs to represent complex concepts and models visually.

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