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7 C’s of quality requirements

Requirements are a critical component of any project and must be carefully crafted to ensure that they accurately reflect the needs and expectations of the stakeholders. The 7 Cs provide a framework for developing requirements that are correct, clear, complete, consistent, concise, concrete, and credible. By following these principles, project teams can ensure that their requirements are of the highest quality,…

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3 Top Reads From 2022

As we wind down 2022 we take a look at three of our most popular blog posts of 2022! 5 go-to Collaboration Tools for Business Analysts – 5 go-to collaboration tools for Business Analysts – Skilled Business Analyst ( 5 tips to increase your confidence as a Business Analyst – 5 tips to increase your confidence as a Business Analyst…

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5 steps to successful elicitation

Elicitation is a structured approach to get requirements from various stakeholders on a particular focus area. It is critical for successful business requirements outcomes. Business Analysts need to prepare in advance, choose the appropriate technique and conduct the elicitation effectively. In this post, we detail the 5 key steps to successful elicitation. Prepare Understand the business problem / need /…

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