5 steps to successful elicitation

Elicitation is a structured approach to get requirements from various stakeholders on a particular focus area. It is critical for successful business requirements outcomes. Business Analysts need to prepare in advance, choose the appropriate technique and conduct the elicitation effectively. In this post, we detail the 5 key steps to successful elicitation.


  • Understand the business problem / need / opportunity that is going to be addressed
  • Select the right stakeholders to participate in the elicitation session
  • Select the right elicitation technique(s) to use in the session
  • Prepare the resources / tools that you will use in the session



  • Start off by explaining purpose and agenda for the session
  • Facilitate the session by asking the right questions
  • Practice active listening
  • Use parking board to park issues that are out of scope of the session



  • Confirm the elicitation results against source information or any other relevant information
  • Confirm the results with stakeholders
  • Check for accuracy and consistency
  • Get a peer review if necessary



  • Ensure stakeholders understand the information
  • Tailor the information for your stakeholders
  • Pictures speak a thousand words!
  • Get sign off on the requirements



  • Collaboration is an ongoing process to encourage stakeholders to work towards a common goal.
  • Collaborate throughout the elicitation process


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