3 things Business Analysts must do when they start a new project


So, you have just started a new project as a Business Analyst and its all systems go! A project kick off session has been held and the baton has been handed over to you. But,you find yourself asking where do I start? In this post The Skilled Business Analyst discusses three things you must do when you start a new project.

Understand WHY

  • Understand the purpose and objectives of the project
  • Understand the problems / needs / opportunities that the project is trying to address

Understand SCOPE

  • People – Which stakeholders are involved in the project? Stakeholder Analysis – level of influence vs level of influence
  • Process – Which processes are involved? Leverage off existing documentation if anything to get started quickly.
  • Technology – Which systems are involved and integration points?

Plan! Plan! Plan!

  • Start planning the analysis activities that you will do for the project.
  • An analysis plan is your GPS to get to the finish line, so do not underestimate the importance of this.
  • Estimate the effort for your analysis activities and look out for any dependencies.

Have you started a new project and need help in navigating the next steps? Need help setting out your Analysis plan? Contact The Skilled Business Analyst today. We will help take your career to the next level!

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