Six steps to CBAP certification

Are you thinking of doing your CBAP certification but not sure where to start? In this blog post, The Skilled Business Analyst details six simple steps to guide you along your certification journey.

Step 1: Review Eligibility criteria

IIBA has specified eligibility criteria for people intending to write the CBAP exam. You have to apply first and they will review whether or not you are legible to proceed to write the exam. Refer to the image below for CBAP eligibility criteria.


Step 2: Enroll with an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

IIBA Endorsed Education Providers provide Professional Development hours required for the CBAP application. EEPs are required to submit course materials to the IIBA for approval and this gives students confidence that the learning objectives are aligned towards CBAP qualification. The Skilled Business Analyst is an Endorsed Education Provider. For a comprehensive list of EEPs please have a look here: SearchDirectory ( 


Step 3 Take practice tests after each Knowledge Area

To ensure you have understood and mastered each Knowledge Area, I suggest you take practice tests that are laser focused into the Knowledge Area. This will ensure that you have a solid grasp before moving onto the next Knowledge Area.


Step 4: Create Flashcards or mind maps for each Knowledge Area

A picture says a thousand words! Most students are visual and remember concepts quickly if they are displayed in an appealing manner. Flashcards and mind-maps are a great way to document and remember concepts. All students enrolled with The Skilled Business Analyst receive flashcards and study aids to assist with their CBAP preparation. Example image below.


Step 5: Take a simulation exam

I suggest you take a simulation exam once you have confidently covered all Knowledge Areas. The purpose of the exam is to practice the case study questions as well as to practice your time allocation on the questions. The CBAP exam is written over 3,5 hours and there are 120 questions – time management is therefore critical and simulating the exam will give you practice. Sample exam questions can be found here – Senior Business Analysis Certification CBAP® | IIBA®


Step 6 Schedule your exam and good luck!

IIBA exams are offered online and you can take the test in your own environment. The IIBA has outlined a few guidelines you need to know when taking the exam online – refer to the link  What you need to know for your Business Analysis Certification | IIBA®


These six simple steps provide a quick guideline on how to approach the CBAP application as well as the exam. If you are interested in pursuing your CBAP qualification please email for more information.


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