4 habits Business Analysts must leave behind as we enter 2022

As we start 2022, what habits do we as Business Analysts want to leave behind to make room for new and better habits? The Skilled Business Analyst puts forward 4 habits that BAs need to leave behind in 2021!

Saying yes to all requests

This is a common habit I have seen and unfortunately accommodating requests from everyone will lead to working overtime, stress and potentially burnt out. Business Analysts manage multiple priorities with conflicting deadlines. Its important for BAs to plan and organise their work so they are aware of how much they have on their plate at any given point in time. This will help BAs to prioritise important requests and say no to those requests that are not critical.

Losing track of the bigger picture

At times BAs get involved in a lot of detail that they tend to miss the bigger picture. How do BAs achieve the balance of getting involved in just enough detail and still not lose sight of the overall picture? Always focus on the value of the feature you are working on – take a step back and reflect on the reasons why you are working on a particular feature. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and this will help in ensuring you have sight of the overall picture.

Not stating the obvious

Assumptions, dependencies and constraints – never assume that your stakeholders are aware of these three items!! Its important to document them and not overlook these. In my experience, I have seen that these are the items that will usually creep up late in projects so its important to state them upfront and go through them with stakeholders.

Focusing on quantity rather than quality.

Its not about how many user stories you have written or how many projects you have worked on. Its about the value that you have delivered to your stakeholders on these projects! When I interview BAs, I am interested to know what value they contributed in each of their projects – how did these projects help the business or stakeholders and what feedback are you getting from stakeholders on the newly added features.

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