The FEARLESS Business Analyst Part 1

Business Analysts (BAs) find themselves operating in unprecedented times today – new technologies, new ways of working and new challenges in light of the current pandemic. How do BAs step up and embrace change during these disruptive times? Here at The Skilled Business Analyst we believe that embracing qualities of what we term ‘The Fearless BA’, will help BAs to not only survive but thrive in these disruptive times. In this post we share the first 4 qualities of the FEARLESS Business Analyst.

(1) F – Focus on Value
With so many technologies on the rise it’s very easy for organizations to jump onto the bandwagon without really asking themselves 2 fundamental questions:
– what is the value of this technology to our customers?
– What business problem are we trying to solve?
Business Analysts play a critical role in bringing the concept of value to an organization. Value is best achieved when looked at 3 things:
Viability – how much will it cost to build and how much revenue can it provide?
Feasibility – is the product technically feasible to build?
Desirability: will our customers want the product, and does it solve a problem for them?
These are usually summarized in the business case which must always be the starting point for any new project.

(2) E – Empower yourself
As Business Analysts we need the courage to challenge the status quo! We need to propose innovative solutions in our organization where we are seen as value creators. How do we do this? At The Skilled Business Analyst we believe in empowering our candidates not only with certification training but with BA skills that make them stand out in their organizations. Empowering yourself means investing in yourself to be a better Business Analyst. How? By reading, networking, engaging and connecting with thought leaders and mentors.

(3) A – Adopt a growth mindset
Adopting a growth mindset will allow a Business Analyst to:
• start thinking out of the box;
• learn new BA tools and techniques;
• solve problems creatively;
• be flexible to change;
• always be on the lookout to continuously develop and better their Business Analysis skills.
Example: Two people are given same problem to analyze. The person with a fixed mindset will try to solve the problem by its usual inherited way. In contrast to this, a person with growth mindset will first analyze the problem, look at all the possible solutions and then apply a relevant solution. A BA with a growth mindset will see challenges as opportunities and focus on the process instead of the end result.

(4) R – Recognize opportunities
In this age of rapid change, Business Analysts who are able to recognize and leverage new opportunities bring enormous value to their organizations. To recognize opportunities Business Analysts, need to be
• Future forward thinking
• Continuously scan the internal and external environment for industry trends and professional trends
• View problems through a new lens. Many problems can be turned into opportunities.

In Summary:
F – Focus on value
E – Empower yourself
A – Adopt growth mindset
R – Recognize opportunities

We are halfway through uncovering what it takes to be a FEARLESS Business Analyst.
Its time for us to pause and for you to reflect on each quality that we shared.
What resonates with you the most?
Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!
Contact the Skilled Business Analyst to find out how you can develop in any one of these areas!

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