5 go-to collaboration tools for Business Analysts

As virtual has become the norm, visual thinking and representation remains key with our stakeholders. Business Analysts need to use collaborative tools to promote engagement with our stakeholders. In this post, The Skilled Business Analyst presents 5 go-to collaboration tools that BAs can use over and beyond the traditional Microsoft Office tools.

This tool is great for ideation and brainstorming. There is a free plan which includes basic features that a Business Analyst can use such as templates, whiteboards.

For Business Analysts working in an agile environment, this tool is great for retrospectives. Even if you are not working in an agile environment, the tool can be used in workshops to get thoughts on a subject area or even as an icebreaker tool.

This tool is great for interactive presentations, polls, quizzes and word clouds. I have found this tool to promote great engagement in review sessions or brainstorming sessions.

This tool is more for promoting engagement at a team level – organizing projects, tasks, work, collaboration etc.  There is a basic plan which small teams can use. This is assuming of course if your organisation does not have an enterprise wide tool they are using – you could try this tool at a team level.

This tool is great for prototyping, brainstorming and whiteboarding. There is a free plan that BAs can use however to get the benefit of most of the features you may end up upgrading your plan.

I encourage Business Analysts to try out new tools and see what works best for their stakeholders. 2022 is a year of growth, learning and acquiring new skills – why not try one of these online collaboration tools in your next brainstorming / review session with your stakeholders?

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